New Relic and Nancy

At DrDoctor we’ve been using Nancy as our web framework for quite sometime now. We’ve found it to have many advantages over ASP.Net MVC (we still have one legacy ASP.Net MVC site running) as well as excellent community support.

Recently we started using New Relic to monitor the performance of our web applications. However I was a bit disappointed when I was first looking at the data it collected and saw this


New Relic grouped up all the different routes under the title of “NancyHttpRequestHandler”, I compared this to the list of Transactions that New Relic had picked up from our ASP.Net MVC application and there was a nice list of all the different routes that had been visited.

After a very quick Google search I came across the Nancy and New Relic page on the Nancy wiki and after following the instructions and redeploying our website New Relic started to list all the different Nancy routes


New Relic will also pick up any exceptions that are thrown and show these in the Errors section.

We’ve had New Relic capturing data performance data for about a month now and have already used it to make significant improvements to some of the key parts of our web apps.

3 thoughts on “New Relic and Nancy

  1. David Levy says:

    I’ve been researching Nancy and APM as well, I saw New Relic’s solution and consider that, but I was also intrigued by what I saw from Stackify, which seems to be build-in Nancy support that doesn’t require any code change. Did you consider this option?

    • KenR says:

      Hi David, I’ve heard of stackify and looked at their website but haven’t actually tried it out. Frankly adding an extra class wasn’t that big a deal. What differences have you discovered between New Relic and stackify?

      • Matt Watson (@mattwatson81) says:

        Hey David, thanks for mentioning us!

        Stackify also provides full support for async/await methods. The favorite feature of most of our clients though is the ability to see their log statements inline within the profile traces. Pretty amazing to help with troubleshooting. We also are $40 a month versus New Relic’s $199.

        We also do server monitoring, app metrics, error tracking, and log management. Amazing amount of functionality in one product.

        We support all standard .NET UI frameworks plus Nancy and ServiceStack out of the box with no code changes. Including async Nancy methods.

        Matt Watson
        Founder @ Stackify

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