Splunk Skills

The table below is taken from the Splunk Conf 2014 website and gives a nice overview over different areas of Splunk, with which to gauge your skills.

To make it a bit more useful I’m planning to add links for each item, to the official documentation, articles/blog posts I’ve found or blog posts that I’ve written myself. There are also some quick tips after the table.

At the moment it is far from exhaustive…but over time I hope that this becomes a valuable learning reference.

If you think that there is something missing then leave me a comment and I’ll update the table.

Development Building stuff in Splunk Web:

Editing simple XML and using simple XML extensions:

Working with SplunkJS, Django bindings, SDKs:

  • Complex statistical questions–measure, report, and alert based on standard deviations, etc.
  • Work closely with Splunk Admins on data acquisition.
  • Non-traditional API-based searching
  • Data models and pivot reports
  • All-in-one Splunk with just forwarders
  • Use of deployment server to deploy to UF/HWFs only
  • Single serverclass.conf file
  • Distributed, but no clustering or search head pooling
  • Use of deployment server to maintain apps on SH/indexers (outside of clustering), surgical DS reloading
  • Load balancing forwarders
  • Search head pooling
  • Clustering
  • Multi-site clusters
  • Use of deployment server to store configs for apps in git or other source-control system
  • Multiple DSs behind load balancers
  • Self-updating deploymentclient.confs
  • SSL keys et al

Development – Intermediate

Using Drilldown to set Tokens and crossfilter the dashboard – When using a drilldown with a timechart, you use $click.name2$ to access the value of the “group” the user has clicked on. With other charts, e.g. line charts use $row..

Splunk posts I’ve written

External Splunk content


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